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"The Music Together® teachers high energy and personalities makes each class fun for the whole family. My daughter has completed 6 semesters of Music Together and we can't wait for more. I love how we get copies of the music so we can enjoy the songs not only in class, but at home and in the car. The teachers love of music and children is so apparent. They really knows how to connect to all ages, from infants to preschoolers."


Jennifer Geist


My daughter Molly and I have loved every minute of Music Together since we enrolled many months ago. When I first signed up for the class, I thought it would simply be a fun hour for my daughter and I to spend together each week - one where we could laugh, sing, and play with other families and a wonderful teacher. We have learned that Music Together is so much more than just one hour - music truly has a magical power, not only in child development, but in creating a family experience. We use music to greet the day and other people, transition between activities in our daily routine, celebrate learning and discovery, soothe the hurts and frustration of toddler-hood, and say goodnight. In addition to the musical experience, our teacher's boundless energy and encouraging words are a constant source of comfort for me as a first-time mother. She helps parents see the world as my daughter would see it, and that understanding has made a big difference for me. What a gift we found in the Music Together of the TN Valley program - we look forward to attending many, many more classes.


Jorie Walker


Thank you for the unique way in which you teach Music Together. It is clearly all about the children - motivating their love of music and cultivating them as well-rounded, self-assured individuals. You have wonderful, energetic teachers and their appreciation of music shines through in the way they interact with Ben and Kylee.


Pam Jackels


Music Together has been a wonderful way to enjoy something that my family enjoys, which is music and being together. My son has enjoyed every moment and loves to listen to the CD in the car or at home. This program has really helped my child start to express himself more and have an appreciation for music. We love the Music Together teachers and look forward to our Thursday class each week!


Leigh Brown